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Foundations, also called footings or substructure, are the base for a building and support the walls and roof. The foundations are one of the most important and difficult aspects of a build but your builder or architect should be able to advise on what types of foundations are required.


Most domestic home owners don’t think about their foundations until there is a problem. Perhaps you are constructing an extension or conservatory and the local authority has advised you that you will need reinforced foundations. Or perhaps your property is affected by subsidence. Whatever the problem, our many years’ experience means we can solve it quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, whether you live in London.

If necessary we can design the foundations to suit your project and provide the calculations and drawings you will need for Local Authority approval. Don’t worry if access to your property is restricted or if work will have to be carried out inside the house. We specialise in these types of project and have small rigs to suit.

The type of foundation depends on:

  • The total load/weight of a building
  • The quality of the subsoil
  • The weather conditions
  • The soil types - eg.: sandy or clay

If the soil is sandy, the ground can freeze and pushes up as it expands. If the soil is clay-like, in a drought the ground can shrink causing cracking and disturbance to the foundations. The most popular foundations are:


Strip foundations provide good strength for a reasonable cost and are the most usual foundations employed. They are dug until a clay surface is reached to avoid damage from changes in various top soil types. Once a trench is dug, approximately 150mm of concrete is poured into the trench. Then block or brick and block cavity walls are built up to ground level and the trench is back-filled. There are three types of strip foundations:

Traditional Shallow Strip - The extra concrete required creates additional material expense but the process is easier and less time consuming. The trench is usually around 400mm wide and 900mm deep and can be reinforced.

Wide Strip - as above but wider and reinforced to save on concrete expense.

Deep Strip or Trench - narrower trench filled with concrete up to two bricks of ground level.


Raft foundations are used on soft soils such as those made of clay or peat. The soft soils can create problems of ground movement and sliding so Raft foundations are reinforced and have an apron edge.


On sinkable clay soils, infill or waste tip sites, slopes or sites with high water tables or poor drainage, traditional foundations would need to be so deep that they would be uneconomical. Stilts or columns are used to reach down to solid, load bearing soil. These columns can be 4m, even 10m deep.


Kaza PropertySOLUTIONS offer a range of surfacing and driveways services to compliment their groundwork and civil engineering services. Our surfacing and driveways services range from hand and machine laid tarmacadam and asphalt for all types of roads to block paving and flagging for driveways and footpaths. Our new build residential, industrial and commercial clients look to CASA as their main surfacing and driveways contractor for all their construction projects.

We Specialise in:

  • Driveway Construction and Surfacing
  • Paving Slabs
  • Block Paving
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Tarmacadam surfacing
  • Gravel driveways
  • Car park Surfacing
  • Permeable paving systems
  • Re-surfacing
  • Lowering Surfacing Costs

These last few years has seen the construction companies struggling to complete or begin new build residential developments due to cash flow. Sourcing cheap labour and materials without compromising in quality is an ongoing battle. In the past few years we have been working closely with our suppliers to offer a very cost effective solution.

Our groundwork engineers are fully trained in all aspects of surfacing for your construction project. Whether you are constructing Car parks or new build driveways we can offer you a very cost effective package with the highest quality in workmanship.

What our client say

F. Messina - Messina Clinic|London

Very prompt response and work completed with minimal disruption to my business. Clean, tidy workers.

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